About Trey Henderson

As a seasoned consultant with over 18 years of experience in the corporate space and a dedicated single father to two daughters, I have firsthand knowledge of the challenges faced by ambitious professionals and creatives striving to balance their career goals with personal passions. My unique coaching style is deeply influenced by my personal mantra, 'become more comfortable with the uncomfortable.' This philosophy has not only guided me through the complexities of agile coaching, improv, and music but also shaped my approach to helping others.

In my coaching and immersive mediation practice, I specialize in assisting individuals to navigate through the fog of daily demands and confusion, leading them towards achieving their 'Dream Year.' I understand that true success is not just about reaching professional heights but also about aligning these achievements with one's inner passions and values. My approach is holistic, focusing on overcoming internal conflicts and limiting beliefs that often hold talented individuals back from realizing their full potential.

My diverse background in consulting, professional coaching, immersive mediation, combined with personal experiences in agile coaching, improv, and music, equips me with a unique perspective and a rich set of tools to guide clients. I am committed to helping you tap into your inner wisdom and chart a course for a future that not only meets your career ambitions but also fulfills your soul.